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Are you a Toastmasters role model member? Complete this seriously humorous test to know yourself.  Pure knowledge, know-how, attitude and values are at stake. Count the positive answers and you’ll get a grade at the end.

Knowledge and awareness (savoir, connaissance et conscience)

  1. You know the name of Toastmasters’ founder and the location of Toastmasters international
  2. You know the area, the division, the district and the region your club belongs to
  3. You can list by heart the 10 competent leader and the 10 competent communicator projects
  4. You know the names and roles of your club’s executive committee
  5. You can explain how a regular event is organized
  6. You no longer ask yourself what these acronyms mean: TM, CL, CC, DTM, ALB, ALS, COT, …
  7. You know what a DTM is and have made a choice for the leadership and communication tracks
  8. You can explain what Pathways is
  9. You read regularly the monthly TM magazines instead of piling them up in a corner of your house
  10. You can give on the spot examples of euphemisms, quotes of your favourite writer and have learnt by heart a speech from a famous speaker

Know-how (savoir-faire)

  1. You consciously apply the CL and CC principles at your workplace, at home , in any everyday activity
  2. You have won club awards and contests awards (and display them in your kitchen for your kids to imitate you)
  3. You know how to evaluate a speech … and don’t finish thinking: “ I could have said that instead”
  4. You make pauses and have banned from your vocabulary: “ah”, “mmh”, “you know”, “well”, “so” and so on.
  5. You pay attention to how to pronounce words and check your grammar before any prepared speech
  6. Your prepared speeches are methodically prepared (written speech, voice recording, delivery in front of a mirror or in front of a friend, study of gestures, voice , rhetorical devices and expressiveness)
  7. You ask others to be filmed and debrief watching the video and reading the evaluators feedback

Attitude (savoir-vivre)

  1. You volunteer any time as a participant or as an organizer whenever there is an event, a contest, any extra activity
  2. You have attended a toastmasters’ event outside your own club, your own city or  your own country
  3. You greet and encourage new members at each event
  4. During an event you politely make the “toastmaster of the day” notice something has to be said or that something is missing
  5. If you are an English native speaker, you correct those damned Froggies because they do the same when you speak French.
  6. You have invited friends and colleagues that have become members
  7. You help the “meet and greet” and the fee collector

Values, mission and vision (valeurs, mission, vision)

  1. Each time you come to an event, you confirm what motivated you to join TM
  2. You remember the oath you made when joining Toastmasters
  3. You really want to make other members improve their skills and have started implementing coaching programs at your club level
  4. You are a confirmed leader in your sector (entrepreneur, high executive, director, facilitator, any job) and recognize that TM helped you
  5. You are a confirmed communicator (speaker, journalist, media representative, any job) and recognize that TM helped you
  6. You think it is worthwhile fulfilling a role at area, division, district and region levels and forgot the year you joined the toastmasters organization



1 to 7: you are a beginning member

9 to 15: you are a well-informed active member of your club. Leadership and communication skills are part of your guts

16 to 22: you’ve got ambitions beyond a regular active member. Ask yourself why?

23 to 30: you should consider joining the international Toastmasters organization or take a vacation

Bonus:  If all French were luminaries and geniuses, explain why they could never reach 30 positive answers. There is a puzzle and a reason.

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