You will find below all the upcoming events outside regular club meetings (which are listed here).


Saturday 12th – Speakers Corner*

The Division A is offering a fourth exciting training workshop on Saturday, January 12th at 9am, “Speakers Corner # 4.” Caring and Sharing.

This January session includes a special workshop on debating techniques led by Nathalie Damas, and a session on Pathways presented by Laurent Quenoy. It is a new opportunity for all Toastmasters to learn and network!

Do not lose time, there are 25 places available! It is open to all club members.

Detailed program here and registration there.


*Speakers Corners are monthly Saturday morning conferences including 2 workshops and a 1-hour session on Pathways. It takes place every 1st Saturday of the month.


Saturday 26th – Toastmasters Leadership Institute – TLI 

This tremendous event will be organized by La Défense Toastmasters and Toastmasters Expressions Clubs !

It will take place on Saturday 26th 2019, at the Saint-Eloi Church.

Click here for more information on this entire day on leadership, interpersonal communication and exchange !