You will find below all the upcoming events outside regular club meetings (which are listed here).

MARCH 2019

Saturday 2nd 9:00 am – Speakers Corner*

In the next and sixth session, Emmanuelle Lewartowski will unveil her coaching advice, in a workshop on “How to stand out and shine on LinkedIn”. And as always Pathways will be addressed, with two workshops this time.

Open to all club members! Detailed program and registration here.


*Speakers Corners are monthly Saturday morning conferences including 2 workshops and a 1-hour session on Pathways. It takes place every 1st Saturday of the month.


Friday March 8th 7:00 pm – Afterwork – Mingle with other Toasties !

The Afterwork Toastmasters France formula continues for the fourth time on Friday, March 8th!

This is a new opportunity to meet other Toastmasters members of 20 and some clubs in the Paris region in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There is no agenda, no timekeeper and absolutely no grammarian. But there will be funny and interesting people from all over the world! Open to all Toastmasters and their friends.

Practical information:

Time and date: From 7:00 pm on Friday 8 March
Location: Brasserie 12-15, 39 rue Caumartin, 75009 Paris
Register on the Toastmasters France Meetup page