Restaurant L’Alternatif (website)

This is our main venue but we also sometimes meet at Le Bistrot A Vin, which is very close to L’Alternatif. Please always check the venue on meetup or on the calendar.


Place de la Pyramide  92 800 PUTEAUX  towards the Parking Villon,  Entrance under the staircase.

It is located halfway between La Grande Arche and L’esplanade de la Défense station : between the towers OPUS 12 and ARIANE, follow the marks on the floor and go down the stairs, like in the video below.


Treasure Map to find L’Alternatif:

Overview of La Défense:

Overview of the pathway between OPS12 and ARIANE:

The Pathway (marks on the floor ):

Villon Parking sign before the stairs: