Hall of Fame

2nd Event @L’Alternatif (02/05/2018)

Meet the smiling hostess

The audience in front of the stage

The audiences behind and in front of the stage

Best table topic and best prepared speech

“L’apéro” time

Mingling and networking with the toastmaster of the day

Event at the confirmed new venue l’Alternatif (speaking against all odds and  strikes, 19/04/2018)

Club constest (Spring Contest, 15/03/2018)

Toastmaster of the event

Winners of the evaluations contest

Winners of the international speech contest

Educational session (04/01/2018): smiles and seriousness

An induction ceremony during 2017’s second semester


2017 motion picture  (Pictures speak by themselves)

Dining between speeches (One of the first meetings at l’Atelier)

Some winners in 2016-2017 term