Our team is here to help you become better public speakers no matter what level you are at.

Camille – President The leader of the La Defense Toastmasters club is Camille who presides over all our meetings and provides great support and motivation for all those interested in public speaking.

Emilie – VP Education Making sure that every member stays on track to become a better speaker are Emilie’s responsibilities. But she is also in charge of the Mentoring Program, and the planning of the club meetings. Reach out to her to book your speeches and meeting roles to complete your public speaking programmes.

Milena – VP Membership
From the moment you ask for information to attend as a guest to the moment you decide to become a member, Milena is your main contact.

Fabrice- VP Public Relations
Fabrice is in charge of Public Relations and communications at Toastmasters La Defense.
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Françoise – Treasurer
Making sure our club has enough funds to organize insightful meetings that are fun and enjoyable, Françoise looks after the club’s cash. She’s your person to contact when paying your membership and club meeting dues.

Anne – Secretary

To make sure we stay on track as a club, Anne is our trusted Secretary who looks after the records of our meetings and activities.

Amit- Sergeant at Arms
Always a friendly face with a bubbly personality to match, Amit is often the first person you will meet when you come to our meetings.