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organized by  Toastmasters 75 Club

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Last night was contest night! It was an exciting evening with a full house and 6 speech contestants as well as 4 evaluation contestants.

And then, after careful deliberation, the judges spoke. and the results are…

International Speech Contest

  1. Damien
  2. Shelley
  3. Lyly

Evaluation Contest

  1. Shelley
  2. Hemanth


The 1st and 2nd prize winners in both competitions have agreed to represent La Défense Toastmasters at the Area 4 Contest in Paris on Saturday morning, 11 March.

Our club champions will need our support at the area contest! So don’t hesitate and sign up now 🙂

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At the end of September – on Thursday 29, to be precise – our Fall club contest will once again take place.

All members can be a contestant in either the Humorous Speech contest, and/or the Table Topics contest. Or, help organize in a variety of roles.

The winner will go on to the area contest, and if you win that, the division contest. If you win that contest as well, you can represent us at the South & Western European (District 59) Conference in Madrid!

Here you can sign up:


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Our club now has a Facebook page! 

You can find it here:

Visit it, like it, post your pictures, comments and anecdotes on it!

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The upcoming Spring Contests


Speech contests are a tradition at Toastmasters. Each spring, a series of Evaluation and International Speech contests is organised, followed by a series of Table Topics and Humorous Speech contests each fall.

Competition begins with club contests, with the winners continuing on to compete through the area, division and district levels. The International Speech competition goes two levels further: semifinals and then the World Championship of Public Speaking.

The Evaluation Contest

In an evaluation contest, one single speaker (the “target speaker”) delivers one regular five-to seven-minute speech. The contestants then leave the room and have five minutes to prepare a 2-3 minutes spoken evaluation of the speech, alone, in silence. They then come back one at a time to present their evaluation, while the remaining contestants are kept in a place where they can neither hear nor see the stage.

The International speech Contest

In the International Speech contest, each contestant presents a 5-7 minute speech on any subject they choose.

It is called “international” because this particular contest is the only one (out of the four types of contest we have) to go all the way to the level of World Championship.

The Roles

  1. Contest Chair This spring in our club, the contest chair is both the coordinator and presenter (“Emcee” or “Contest Master”) of the contests.
  2. Sergeant at Arms The responsible for the venue setup, logistics, refreshments, registration, and accompaniment of evaluators between the Target Speech and the delivery of their evaluations.
  3. Target Speaker The person who delivers a speech for the evaluators to give feedback on. This is an exceptional opportunity get excellent feedback from not one but a host of evaluators, all on top of their game!
  4. Ballot Counter A minimum of two ballot counters count the ballots and they conform to the contest rules.
  5. Timer A minimum of two timers keep track of the timing of the speeches and evaluations. They are each other’s backup, in case one of them cannot pay full attention for whatever reason.
  6. Judge The panel of a minimum of five judges objectively evaluates each contestant’s speech and fills in the ballot. On this ballot, each judge notes each contestant. Then they total the scores for each contestant, and fill in the Nr 1, 2 and 3 contestants in the order of the number of points given. These ballots are then collected and counted by the Ballot Counters. The judges are anonymous; they must not inform the contestants or people in the audience of their role. The ballots differ according to the type of contest. You can find the ballots here:
  7. Chief Judge – The guarantor that all applicable rules are observed. This person recruits, coordinates and oversees the teams of judges, ballot counters and timers.
  8. Tie-Breaking Judge – This judge does a job similar to the other judges. However, his/her ballot will not be used except in case of a tie. Only the Chief Judge knows the identity of the Tie-breaking judge.

The Rules

The Speech Contest Rulebook applies to all Toastmasters contests. A copy of the currently uptodate version is available online:

In order to participate in any role at a club contest, the only requirements is to be “a member in good standing”. That is, the person must have paid the membership fee for the period in which the contest is taking place.

What’s next?

The contest season does not end at the club level!

The winners of first and second place of each contest will represent our club at the Area A4 contest that will be held in Paris on 26 March 2016. This is one of the two English-speaking areas in Northern France.

The winners of the Area A4 contest will represent our area at the Division A Conference in Paris on 16 April 2016. More information here: Here you will meet Toastmasters from clubs in Northern France, regardless of the language of the clubs.

The winners of the Division A Conference will represent our Division at the District 59 Conference on 20-22 April in Luxembourg. More information here :

At this Conference you will meet Toastmasters from throughout District 59, currently consisting of: France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy.

For the Evaluation Contest, that is the last stage.

For the International Speech contest, however, the winners will go on to the Semi-Finals, and hopefully to the World Championship of Public Speaking, from 17 through 20 August 2016, in Washington D.C., USA.

More information here:


More information:


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We are happy to announce the winners of the Area 4 Contest Oct 17th, 2015 below!


Humorous Speech – English:

  • 1st Place: Mark Finneran 
  • 2nd Place: Carol Bausor
  • 3rd Place: Shelley Mullon

Table Topics – English:

  • 1st Place: Carol Bausor
  • 2nd Place: Shelley Mullon
  • 3rd Place: Juliet Meere

Humorous Speech – French:

  • 1st Place: Albena Gadjanova
  • 2nd Place: Sean Ryan

Table Topics – French:

  • 1st Place: Sean Ryan
  • 2nd Place: Albena Gadjanova

Humorous Speech – Spanish:

  • 1st Place: Juan-Pablo Chaclan


Thank you for coming out to enjoy such a great afternoon with us. We hope that you will continue supporting our contestants in the next round of the contest!

 828A4 Autumn Contest 2015_zpsbb0ow5y5

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721A4 Autumn Contest 2015_zpsdmiqjni7

Humorous Speech and Table Topics Division Contest!


Come join us to enjoy an event full of laughter, listening to the best and funniest toastmasters in the division! This is a great opportunity to mix and mingle with the other Toastmasters members. You will also enjoy a bilingual workshop on Improvisation, Creativity, and Laughter!

Date: Saturday, October 31, 2015

Place: Paroisse Saint-Eloi, Salle Forum – 7 Place Maurice de Fontenay, 75012 Paris (Metro Montgallet or Reuilly-Diderot; Bus 46/57, Parking nearby)

Time: 10:00 – 17:45

Fee: Early Bird price of 20€ if paid before October 26, 2015; 25€ after October 26, 2015 and at the door


Should you have any further questions, please contact: (English) (French)

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Area 4

Humorous Speech & Table Topics

Paris, on 17 October 2015, at 1 PM


We at La Défense Toastmasters are pleased to invite you to this Fall’s Humorous Speech & Table Topics contests for Area 4.

It will be an exciting and entertaining afternoon. Some of the best of the area’s many outstanding speaker will compete… Each club in the area will send the winners of their club contests. These clubs are:

  • La Defense Toastmasters
  • Paris Speech Masters
  • Toastmasters of Paris
  • Toastmasters 75


13:00   Welcome & Registration
13:30   Humorous Speech Contest
15:00   Break
15:30   Table Topics Contest
16:30   Awards Ceremony

When & Where ??

When: * Saturday 17 October  2015 *   13H00  –  17H00

Where: American Church in Paris – 65 Quai d’Orsay, 75007 Paris

For more information, send us a message:

Register Now!

Fee & Payment

The fee is 15€ if we receive your payment before or on 12 October. It is 20€ if we receive it later.

BANK TRANSFER – send it to:
La Défense Toastmasters
IBAN : FR91 2004 1000 0168 0540 7M02 081

The RIB can also be found here:


CHECK  to the order of: La Défense Toastmasters
Send your check to: VERSTEEG, 62 rue François Arago, 78370 PLAISIR

To benefit from the Early bird rate (15€): come visit La Défense Toastmasters on Thursday 8 October (
At the door: regular fee (20€)

For more information, send us a message:

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Our new Toastmasters year has just started and we welcome new members! If you want to hone your communication and leadership skills, we invite you to come spend an evening with us to discover what a Toastmaster’s session is like.

Kind reminder for existing Toastmasters to renew their membership. You will enjoy an earlybird annual rate of €90 before September 15th, 2015 after which the fee will be €100.


La Défense Toastmasters is also happy to announce the next Table Topics Club contest and Humorous Speech Club Contest! Come by and enjoy quality entertainment by listening to contestants’ funny and creative speeches.

When? Thursday, October 8, 2015. 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Where? The location will be at our usual venue: Naked Restaurant, Paris La Défense

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