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What kind of relationship do we have with THE MAGAZINE FOR COMMUNICATORS & LEADERS?

It travels half the world. It crosses oceans and many borders. It reaches monthly our mailbox. No. Not the electronic mailbox. The other one, the one that we  open with a key and that contains unwanted ads, invoices, income tax forms and once in a while a postcard.  The magazine continues its journey into our home.  It is unwrapped from its plastic protection and piled up with the other ones. We might browse through it and read the article that caught out attention. Then it is left around  to adorn the magazine basket of the living room. Our guests might spot it, flip through its pages and ask what toastmasters is.


Almost all TM magazines display a happy smiling person. We even have got the impression that the character from the cover is ready to shake our hand. Imagine for a moment, the magazine is a toastmaster that knocks at our door.  For sure, we would be more welcoming.

Devote some minutes more for a broader picture. Click on the picture and zoom in with the magnifying lens.


TM Magazine Mind map details

1                    leadership

1.1              how a club was started

1.2              Ralph Smedley’s vision (TM founder)

1.3              why your ideas aren’t heard

1.4              skills to boost your career

1.5              art of followership

1.6              a first time leader

1.7              malapropisms

1.8              becoming a coach

1.9              a quiet leader

1.10          goals to succeed

1.11          goal setting and success (sportswoman testimnials)

1.12          habits and goals:we are whatt we do

1.13          negociation mistakes

2                    recurring articles

2.1              TMI president’s viewpoint

2.2              members forum & opinions

2.3              traveling Toastmaster

2.4              funny you should say that

2.4.1        talking to extraterrestrials

2.4.2        having a million dollars

2.4.3        giving a name to a retirement house

2.4.4        winter olympics

2.4.5        epitaphs and tombstones

2.4.6        april: when new years resolutions are abandoned

3                    profiles

3.1              influence in career

3.1.1        overcoming harassment and bullying

3.1.2        corporate club and personnel growth

3.1.3        corporate club and goal setting

3.2              influence in life

3.2.1        overcoming addictions

3.2.2        empowering others

3.2.3        members in a prison

3.2.4        becoming a better father

3.2.5        engagement of old members

3.2.6        how couples met and got married

3.2.7        TM values after the a hurricane disaster

3.2.8        inspiration to publish a book

3.2.9        roaming the world and completing the CC in several clubs

3.2.10    overcoming unemployment

3.2.11    improving education standards and values in schools

3.2.12    friendship created through TM events

3.2.13    TM and elder persons in retirement

3.2.14    helping youth at risk

3.2.15    sailing and leadership

3.2.16    TM once, TM always in the university

3.2.17    struggling students, freedom writers and speakers

3.2.18    importance of communication in startup creation

3.2.19    how a member became a humor writer

3.2.20    a member with down syndrome that became an actress

3.2.21    when your mum ‘s a toastmaster

4                    ads

4.1              create and publish your ebook

4.2              travel to Costa Rica

4.3              become a public speaking coach

4.4              guided tours in Canada & the US

4.5              zen and art of public speaking

5                    communication

5.1              techniques

5.1.1        elevator pitch

5.1.2        rhetorical devices

5.1.3        ways to begin a speech

5.1.4        writing appreciation letters

5.1.5        improve persuasiveness

5.1.6        expressing your thoughts

5.1.7        smart notes

5.1.8        prop-ups and latest technologies

5.1.9        tips for table topics (impromptu speeches)

5.1.10    grow from evaluations

5.1.11    get to the point and meaningfulness

5.1.12    become a better conversationalist

5.1.13    make memorable speeches

5.1.14    stuttering, music and vocal variety

5.1.15    “my struggle and your lesson” speech are tiring

5.1.16    stopping saying ah, Um …

5.1.17    add humor to your speech

5.1.18    vocal variety

5.1.19    speech within time imits

5.1.20    muzzling a serial interrupter

5.1.21    find the suitable word

5.1.22    reading a prepared text in public

5.2              related topics

5.2.1        professional speaking

5.2.2        professions based on the voice. address announcer

5.2.3        voice in media

5.2.4        preparing a job interview

5.2.5        theatre and comedy

5.2.6        TED talks

5.2.7        cross cultural communication

5.2.8        panel discussion

5.2.9        toasting

5.2.10    speech when accepting an award

5.2.11    snackification: influence of social media in social interactions

5.2.12    cultivating mindfulness

5.2.13    theater and being on stage

5.2.14    fake news and quote validity

5.2.15    myths over professional speakers

5.2.16    poetry

5.2.17    plagiarism

5.2.18    storytelling

5.2.19    speaking outside your club

5.3              evaluations

5.3.1        reacting to feedbacks

5.3.2        unravelling your blind spots

5.3.3        what to say onstage, what to say privtely

6                    mentoring

6.1              meet my mentor

6.2              finding a mentor

7                    TM club community

7.1              executive committee roles/organization

7.1.1        ABC of acronyms

7.1.2        becoming an area director

7.1.3        the new TMI president

7.1.4        becoming an accredited speaker

7.1.5        promote through social media

7.2              club life

7.2.1        member retention

7.2.2        dealing with an annoying member

7.2.3        member engagement

7.2.4        biweekly meetings

7.2.5        ways to grow your club

7.2.6        importance of having fun

7.2.7        balancing demographics

7.2.8        dying clubs and resurrecting them

7.2.9        how to benefit from the TM organization

7.3              events

7.3.1        contests

hesitating to participate in a contest

7.3.2        trainings

7.3.3        connecting clubs

7.3.4        international conventions

7.3.5        open houses an demo meetings

7.3.6        TM youth leadership programs

8                    pathways

8.1              reasons for change

8.2              worldwide rollout

8.3              translations

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