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mol·li·fy \ˈmä-lə-ˌfī\

verb (mollifies, mollifying, mollified)

  1. to soothe; to gain the good will of [Synonyms: appease, pacify]
  2. to reduce the rigidity of something [Synonyms: soften]
  3. to moderate; to reduce in intensity [Synonyms: assuage, temper]


  1. To mollify the recent complaints from conservative parents, the school banned all female students from wearing miniskirts to school.
  2. Using fabric softener will mollify your laundry. No more stiff shirts!
  3. Despite calling it a ‘wardrobe malfunction,’ they weren’t able to mollify the negative public reaction and media coverage.


From Old French mollifier, via Late Latin, from Latin mollis soft + facere to make (Ref: Collins Online Dictionary)

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